Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things I've learned today.

You know, I've learned some things today......

-I've learned to make Polenta. It's good if you do it right.

-Gorgonzola cheese is horrible. It tastes as bad as it smells.

-Don't put Gorgonzola cheese on your "made just right" Polenta. That'll just shoot your day to hell.

-It's only one more week til my birthday. I have no plans to do anything, besides the same class that I learned I don't like Gorgonzola in.

-I don't know JACK SQUAT about Adobe Illustrator. I need help. Any takers?


Patach said...

What are you trying to do in Adobe Illustrator?

Also, what class are you taking that involves Gorgonzola?

Adrian Puente said...

Italian cooking. To those who enjoy Gorgonzola cheese, they would have loved it.
I don't really have a clear idea of what Illustrator can do for me. Photoshop can edit photos, Painter replicates art mediums, and Flash animates. Illustrator just escapes me for some reason.

Patach said...

Illustrator is great for vector art.

Vector art is absolutely useful for things such as graphic design, logo design, brand identity, and inking drawings and comics.

That's because vector can be blown up all the way to the size of the empire state building and still not lose any quality, while things such as photoshop and painter reaches a certain point in which you start seeing pixels.

Giving that, Illustrator is the hardest freakin' program to learn out of any of the Adobe tools. Yes, even After Effects.

Sarah Satrun said...

ewww- i tend to stay AWAY from smelly cheeses. :S

we were just talking about your b-day yesterday- don't worry- we'll come up with something to do ;)

Catherine Satrun said...

Oh- I love creating nice lines in illustrator! It's a really helpful program to know. Good luck!

What do you want to do to celebrate your birthday?

Adrian Puente said...

I'm not sure what I'll do. I have class at night on the 9th, then my rescheduled Deposition in the AM of the 10th, then work 24hr on the
11th, then nothing for the next five days. Something will come up, I hope.