Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I found my new Halloween costume!

I've only just recently started to really watch the cartoon "Chowder", but it's really grown on my. It kinda reminds me of some '70's cartoons in the designs and a bit by the style.
I'm really intrigued by the character "Schnitzel". Who could come up with a character who says nothing but "radda radda radda" all the time. Sure there are Pokemon that do the same thing, but at least this show isn't dumb!
If I'm feeling realy energetic, maybe I will make this into a costume..... but realisticly, no, I prolly won't. :)


Sarah Satrun said...

lol. that'd be great!

seedoi said...

how about shaving your legs?

Muvico said...

How did you carry that lady for one mile with those scrawny legs? Was she scared/startled when you showed up with no pants?

Erbo said...

WTF the last time you blogged was July and it was about a Halloween costume that you didn't even wear. Jeesh.